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File Folder games are a great way to
introduce fun ways of learning with your
children.  They are great for topics and
subjects that children are having difficulty
with.  Additionally they make great time
filler activities, or even travel games.  On
our site you'll find many games you can
print for free.  Our site is organized by
Subjects (such as Dinosaurs, Flowers, ect.)
as well as
Age Level (PreK-FifthGrade.)
Games by Age
Search our Free File Folder Games by
age level.  Currenly we feature file
folder games for Preschool,
Kindergarten, First Grade, Second
Grade, and Third Grade.  We have
plans to create games for more grade
levels as our children grow.  If your
children are older you can still
customize our Blank Games with your
own questions.
Games by Subject
You can now search all of our games by
subject!  This is a great way to introduce
thematic units into your classroom or
homeschool.  Many games have blank
versions as well, so you can customize
them for multiple age levels.
Science File Folder Games
Topics include the five senses, health and safety,
life cycles, plant growth, water cycle, and more.
Perfect for learning centers.

Take it to your Seat Activities
Literacy Centers K-1 has everything you need for
12 centers to practice beginning reading skills.
These centers, stored in colorful gift bags, are
ideal for small group and individual practice.

Shoe Box Learning Centers
Essential math concepts such as addition and
subtraction, patterns and geometry, time and
money, measurement and estimation, sorting and
classifying, and more! Each box is easily created
from readily available materials.
Search our Resources:
Butterfly Colors
ABC Match it to Me
Buckets of Buttons
Whose Tools?
Butterfly Memory
Hungry Bunny
Rainbow ABC's
What's the Weather?
Piranha Munch
Ocean Life Matching
Penguin Patterns
and more!

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