File Folder Game
About our Templates:
File Folder Game Templates are useful
for times when you just can't find the
game you're looking for.  Use these
templates to design your own game.  
Simply print up as many as you need,
and add your own text to them.
Please Note:
We now provide Black and White as well as BLANK versions of all our
new games.  These are listed with the game itself when available.
File Folder Game
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More File Folder Templates
Turkey Feathers
These are blank turkeys with feathers that you can
tuck into the turkey.

Turkey Template
Feather Template

We have a colored Math Version for Kindergarten
here, and some other ideas could be

Verbs / Adverbs
Phonics Words
Turkey Template
This is a printable BW
version of our Turkey
Matching game, for you
to color as you choose.
We have a pre-colored
version of this game in
Thanksgiving section
Dinosaur Eggs Template
This is a black and white version of our Dino Eggs
game.  Children match up the eggs to the dinosaur,
and you can put whatever game you want on these
cards.  We have a color matching game and a
color words game in our
Dinosaur section.

Mommy Dinosaur Template
Egg Template
Dino Bone Template
This is a printable BW version of our Dino Bones
Game.  Print up what you need to make a game
and write in you're text.  We have this game
available in full color in a simple math game, and a
color matching game here on our
Dinosaur page.

Dino Bone Template
Brontosaurus Template
Stegosaurus Template
These are black and white
versions of the Roman Use
these for making different
numerical values or  math
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