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First Grade Language
First Grade Language Games
Language/grammar are games based on First
Grade levels.  We've got games for teaching
children key skills they will use during their First
Grade year.  These include Contractions,
Consonant Blends, Nouns & Verbs, Alphabetical
Order, Compound Words, Silent E, and the 5 W's:
Who, What, When, Where, Why.
Rain Showers (Consonant Blends) File Folder Game
This is a file folder game for children working on consonant blends and
digraph recognition.  There is a blank version available for you to add in
your own pictures or text if you'd like to expand this game.  This works on
ch-, sh-, bl-, and pl-.
Heart Contractions File Folder Game
This is a contraction file folder game where children match the arrows to
the correct word on the heart.  Mount the hearts to the file folder, then cut
out the arrows for playing pieces.  There are16 different contractions with
two blank sets for writing in your own words if you'd like to customize the
Alphabot Assembly
This is a game for children who are working on learning Alphabetical
Order.  There are over 70 robots with First Grade as little depending on
your child's ability level.  You can always add in more of them as they
learn new skills.  Glue the "Alphabot Assembly" page to the left inside of
the file folder, and draw a line for children to begin the assembly line.  The
alphabet is listed at the bottom for reference or you can easily cut it off.
Eggciting E's File Folder Game  (Long & Short Vowels)
This is a file folder game for children who are learning about Short e and
Long e sounds.  Children read the words on the eggs and place them in
the correct basket.
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