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First Grade Math
First Grade Math Games
We have quite a bit of First Grade math games!  
You'll find topics on fractions, money, directions,
place value, even and odd, skip counting, addition
and subtraction, and the written form of numbers.  
These games are fantastic for reinforcing key
skills for older students as well.
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Fish Fractions File Folder Game
This is a basic game for children who are just learning how to read
fractions.  The purpose of this game isn't to identify fractions and values,
but simply to read the numeric fraction and match it up with it's written
form.  There are blank clownfish and anenomes below for you to add
more difficult levels if needed.
1,000 of Leagues Under the Sea
This is a game for children working on early place value skills.  Children
work on reading number words in the thousands, and then correctly place
the corresponding numerical version of the number in order.  This game
can easily be customized for children working on more advanced numbers
as well, just print up the blank cards and write in your own.  Check out our
Free Member Forum for Photos on how to put this game together.
Snail Mail File Folder Game
This is a directional game for children working on early map reading skills.  
Children read the directions on the snail mail envelopes and deliver the
mail to the correct mail box.  You can see photos of how to put this game
together on our
Free Member Forum.
Bill Buster File Folder Game
This is an early math game for children who are learning about money
conversions.  Children work on Dollar to Quarters and Quarters to Dollars
from one dollar up to five dollars
First Grade Math