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File Folder Games
Letter identification and letter sound recognition is an important step on the path to reading.  Take
every opportunity you can to point out letters and practice their sounds with children, not just in the
classroom but at home and on the road as well.  Children will soon be able to pick out letters from a
sign, and identify beginning sounds with ease.
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Preschool & Kinder Alphabet Games
File folder games are another great way to
practice and reinforce early reading skills.  Our
games are designed to make it easy for children to
play alone or alongside a parent or teacher.  
Assembly for most of the games is self
explanatory, however we've included short
instructions and photo examples when necessary.
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Animal ABC Flashcards
We have a fantastic set of Alphabet
flashcards, handwriting worksheets,
charts and printables.
Free Preschool Learning Centers
Search through all of our free
preschool file folder games.
Kindergarten Learning Centers
Search through all of our free
kindergarten file folder games.
ASL Sign Language File Folder Game
This is a file folder game children can
play when learning the ASL for the
alphabet.  Mount one set to a file folder
and keep the other for matching.  
Encourage children to make the sign with
their hands as they go along.
Alpha Animals (Beginning Letter)  
File Folder Game
Children love animals, and these fun
and colorful characters are fun to match
up to their "First Letter"  For extra fun
combine this game with the ASL version
above, and have a double matching
game for children who need a little
Pumpkin Patch Alphabet (ABC
This is an Alphabet Order Game for
children to work on learning the correct
order of the letters.  Cut out the
individual pumpkin patch for each
sequence and mount to a file folder.  
Animal ABC's Matching File Folder
Spelling just doesn't get any more fun
then this!  These alphabet cards are
perfect for quiet time activities where
children can practice spelling their own
letters to form the words.
Alphabet Hearts File Folder Game
This is an alphabet matching game for
children working on uppercase and
lowercase recognition.
ABC Matching Game (Uppercase and
Lowercase letters)
This is an abc matching game for
children to match the uppercase letters
to the lowercase letters.  A great game
for Spring!
Rainbow ABC's File Folder Game
This is an uppercase and lowercase
matching game.  This game is available
Free on our sister site
ABC Match it To Me
(Picture Matching Game)
This is an alphabet matching game
where children match the pictures to
the beginning letter.  This game is
available free on our sister site