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KG Science File Folder Games
File folder games are a great way to
explore early science concepts, and
reinforce ideas from hands on labs.  You'll
find games for learning about properties,
animals and more.
KG Science
Sink or Float File Folder Game
This is a file folder game for children who are learning early science.  
Children match up the different object cards to the correct pocket the Sink
pocket, or the Float pocket.  
Sign Language File Folder Game
This is a file folder game children can play when learning the ASL for the
alphabet.  Mount one set to a file folder and keep the other for matching.  
Encourage children to make the sign with their hands as they go along.
Five Senses File Folder Game
This is a free file folder game for children learning about the different
senses.  Children look at the picture on the pocket and decide which
senses that they would use for each item.  Some are kinda tricky, so this
is a great game to do together or with a partner!
Earth Day File Folder Game
This is a file folder game to teach children how to sort objects by
properties.  This is perfect for Earth day, or any other time you're
teaching children about caring for our world.  Mount the earths to the file
folder and cut out the circles for playing pieces.  Children simply stack
the recyclable into the correct pile.
KG Science