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KG Science File Folder Games
File folder games are a great way to
explore early science concepts, and
reinforce ideas from hands on labs.  You'll
find games for learning about properties,
animals and more.
KG Science
KG Science
Mammal or Reptile File Folder Game
This is a printable game for children to sort the animals by their
classification of Mammal or Reptile / Bird.  There is a Noah's ark theme,
with a boat for each Mammals and Reptiles.  If you'd like more
themed file folder games try our Sister Sites.
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Fruit or Vegatable File Folder Game
This is a file folder game for children who are learning about the different
qualities of food, and the different categories that we put them into.  If you
have children who are ready to classify more foods, check out our
Pyramid File Folder Game.
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Fish, Flowers & Frogs File Folder Game
This is an early classification game for children to learn to identify
characteristics of living things by name, color, and pattern markings.  It's a
great folder to keep out during animal science units.