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KG Sight Word File Folder Games
These file folder games are great for
children who need extra practice reading
sight words.  We also have
KG phonics
level games here.
KG Sight Words
2 Letter Tulips File Folder Game
This is a sight word game for children to match up different two-letter sight
words.  If you make this game, please share a photo in our Free Member
Forum, we'd love to see how you've put it together!
Sunflower Sight Words
sunflowers and then find the matching pictures to fill the center.  (Because of
the way we did the graphics, we don't have a BW version of this game, but
you can try printing in grayscale)
Candy Cane Color Words.
Use these stockings for children ready to work on simple sight words.
Children match up the colored candy canes to the correct stocking.For extra
fun, glue the stockings to the folder in a way to create a pocket in the top,
and print multiple sheets of the candy canes for children to Stuff the
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