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File Folder Games
File folder games can be a very versatile tool for your traditional or homeschool classroom.  Children
of all ages and grades can use folder games to reinforce important facts and key skills while having fun
in the process.  We suggest using hands on learning games with active children who find themselves
bored or frustrated with traditional worksheets or lessons.
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Below, we've organized out games by age and
ability level to make it easier for you to find just
what you're looking for.  Each grade is also
divided into categories like Math, or Science
topics so that you can eaisly implement these into
your classroom. Additionally you can search our
site by
Subject if your needing a thematic unit for
multiple age groups.
Full Color, Ready to Assemble, All subjects and grade levels.
Reading, Writing, Science, and more!
Preschool File Folder Games
Preschool is a great time to get children
started with fun learning experiences.  
Even at an early age children can learn
all about color identification, number
recognition, sequencing, letter sounds
and more.
Kindergarten File Folder Games
Our Kindergarten level games are
perfect for giving your children a head
start at basic skills they will need for
their entire education.  Children can
expand their language skills by
learning basic sight words, phonics,
rhyming and more.
First Grade File Folder Games
Our First Grade level games introduce
the building blocks of important
concepts like consonant blends,
contractions, skip counting, basic
addition and subtraction, nouns and
verbs, short and long vowel sounds, as
well as basic health and science.
Second Grade File Folder Games
history games.  Previous language,
math and science studies are explored
by introducing multiplication, fractions,
place value, punctuation and more.
Third Grade File Folder Games
We are just now expanding our site to
offer third grade level games.  We are
focusing on a set of multiplication
games, as well as language games.
Fourth Grade File Folder Games
We have just a couple of Fourth Grade
File Folder Games.  Stay Tuned or
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Fifth Grade File Folder Games
We have just started making Fifth
Grade File Folder Games.  Stay Tuned
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File Folder Games in the Classroom