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Craft Recipe Tutorials
Come check out our Free Craft Recipes and make your own
playdough, colored noodles, paper mache, puffy paint, paper
pulp and more!
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File Folder Games
Our Kindergarten level games are perfect for giving your children a head start at basic skills that they
will need through out their entire education.  Children can expand their language skills by learning
basic sight words, phonics, rhyming and more.   Currently we have topics for Alphabet, Numbers,
Science, Phonics, and  Sight Words.
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Kindergarten File Folder Games
Below, we've organized our free kindergarten file
folder games by subject making it easy to find
exactly what you need for your students.  If
you're looking for thematic resources please
search our site by subejct to find what you need.  
Assembly for most of the games is self
explanatory, however we've included short
instructions and photo examples when necessary.
Full Color, Ready to Assemble,
All subjects and grade levels.
Reading, Writing, Science, and
Christian Preschool Games
If you're looking for more
preschool file folder games, we
have a great set of Bible themed
games here.
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on Amazon.com
Kindergarten File Folder Games
Kindergarten is filled with
opportunities to sneak in a little
hands on fun!  Our Kindergarten
File Folder Games are designed as
easy print and play for our
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Kindergarten Math Games
Number games work on early math
skills by expanding on children's
abilities to recognize, count and order
Kindergarten Sight Word Games
Children who are working on early
reading skills can play Sight word
common words.
Kindergarten Phonics Games
Children can play  games to work on
early reading skills and phonetic sounds.
Kindergarten Alphabet Games
These games are for children who are
ready to understand the differences
between Uppercase and Lowercase
Kindergarten Science File Folder
explore early science concepts, and
reinforce ideas from hands on labs.
Kindergarten Health Games
Children work on skills by their bodies
and the world around them.  This is a
new topic we're working on so stay
tuned for more!