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Preschool is a great time to get children started with
fun learning experiences.  Even at an early age
children can learn all about color identification,
number recognition, sequencing, letter sounds and
more. We are working on adding games that will
help you work with children to complete
benchmarks across all subjects and learning areas.  
Games are organized into different categories below;
Alphabet Games, Color Matching (including
patterns), Number Games, Sequencing Activities,
Picture Memory, and Science Games  .    
Free Preschool File Folder Games
Preschool Color Matching Games
A collection of games where children match the different colors.  
We've got a fantastic variety of color matching games to fit your
classroom themes!
Preschool Memory Matching Games
A collection of games where children match the different
Preschool Sequencing Games
Printable games where children put the cards in the proper order
or sequence. Shape and more.
Preschool Alphabet Games
Alphabet games are great for children who are learning all about
their ABC's, including upper and lower case letters
Preschool Number Games
Number games are a great way for children to work on early math
skills like recognition.
Preschool Science Games
Science file folder games are great for young children.  We've got a
few that you might find helpful for teaching you're preschoolers!
Full Color, Ready to Assemble, All subjects and grade levels.
Reading, Writing, Science, and more!
More Free Preschool File Folder Games
We have a new websites dedicated to all
things Preschool!  Come check us out at
PreschoolMom.com, where you can find
free printables for your thematic units.  
You'll find some great file folder games for
your classroom learning centers...FREE!
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