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Second Grade Math
Martain Multiplication File Folder Game
is holding up a math problem, and children place them into the correct
spacecraft which has the answer.  There is a blank version as well, so you
can customize this game to fit your grade level.
Chick-n-Place File Folder Game
This is a place value file folder game for children who are ready to start
learning and practicing place value skills up to the hundreds.  There are
many possibilities for this game, you can see how we've decided to put it
together in our
Free Member Forum.
Multiple Blessings File Folder Game
This is a multiplication game for children who are starting to work on early
multiplication facts.  Children read the equations on the angels wings, and
find the angel with the correct answer.  The sheets cover x 2 and x 3, and
there are blank versions for you to customize to the ability level of your child.
Starfish File Folder Game
This is a game for children who are working on rounding numbers.  Children
read the numbers on the starfish and round them to the nearest ten.
Working for Peanuts File Folder Game:
This si a second grade math file folder game for children who are working
on adding three single digits in their head.  Children solve the equation on
the peanut and find the elephant with the correct number.
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Games by Age
Second Grade Math
Second Grade Math Games
These games focus on Second Grade Math skills.
 There are beginning multiplication games, place
value, addition and subtraction, and even roman
numerals.  We hope to continue to expand this
section of our site, if you have any ideas for
games please share in our
Free Member Forum.