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Cupcake Folder Games
These file folder games have a sweet
Cupcake theme!  Bring these games out on
special days or anytime you want to surprise
children with some tasty fun.
Cupcake Size Sequencing
This is a size sequencing game where children can place the cupcakes in
order from smallest to largest, then largest to smallest. Store pieces in the
Memory Pocket. For instructions on making the
Memory Pockets see
Cupcake Counting
This is a counting game for children who are learning how to count and
identify the numbers 1-10.  If you'd like to see what this game looks like
put together,
click here for a photo.
Cupcake Pattern Cards
These are Cupcake Pattern Cards, perfect for children working on
sequencing.  These work on ABAB, AABB, ABC patterns.  You can use
these in a couple of different ways.  
Cake Colors File Folder Game
This is a color matching file folder game, where children match the
color of the frosting on the cake.